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Nominations for the Pomona Award are now open!

The Pomona Award is named after the Goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards.

Nominations for a Pomona Award can be made by any CAMRA member, branch or Region at any time, but the award will be promoted as part of the May and October campaigning months. This award is no longer an annual award but will be given as and when it is felt there is a suitable candidate.

Any person, group of people, organisation, publication or place (including CAMRA Members and/or Branches) may be eligible for an award and will have to have shown an outstanding commitment to, or something special in relation to, cider and/or perry campaigning. Awards may be given posthumously.

All forms of cider and/or perry campaigning are eligible.

Please note that if you are considering a pub or a person for their work within CAMRA, they should be considered for alternative awards.  People who should be recognised for their work within CAMRA should be nominated for the Campaigner of the Year award and pubs should be considered for Cider Pub of the Year. Each winner is set out below and again commended for their diverse range of activities and commitment to real cider and perry.

Pomona Award nomination form

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