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NBSS Support Materials

The information on this part of the members’ area is aimed at branch officers who have responsibility for using beer scores as part of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide selection process.

For information on the National Beer Scoring Scheme (NBSS) and how members can submit scores go to: http://www.camra.org.uk/nbss

A discussion group for NBSS and beer scoring can be found at https://discourse.camra.org.uk/c/campaigning/nbss

The CAMRA NBSS co-ordinator is Brett Laniosh.

Promoting beer scoring

An article for promoting beer scoring in CAMRA magazines. Download

Two short videos that explain why beer scores are needed and how they can be submitted.

Why you should score your beer: http://youtu.be/LKNBGsyQ1Ak

How to submit a beer score: http://youtu.be/hPXtRnV6vko

Using beer scores that members have sent to WhatPub

CAMRA  Policy 5.31: Branches are to ensure that, when considering their entries for the Good Beer Guide, only those pubs consistently serving real ale of good quality and meeting CAMRA criteria are included. Branches should use all beer scores submitted via the National Beer Scoring Scheme to assist in achieving this.

1. How branch officers can download NBSS scores for their branch. View

Guidance to branches in respect of the use of NBSS scores following updated terms and conditions on WhatPub. Download

Analysing beer scores

A National Beer Scoring System Compatible Analysis System
Version 4.3 (Dec 5 2017) for Excel 2007 and later – Download
Version 3.5 (Apr 7 2016) for Excel 97 – Download 

Original version (2013) – Download 

This Spreadsheet has been created to allow branches to analyse scores entered by branch members for your pubs. It assumes some knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The Excel spreadsheet should be downloaded and opened from your PC.

Update – The current version of this sheet is considerably enhanced from the original which was last updated in 2013:

Key features…

– Faster! It is dynamic so that it grows in size as needed

– Offers ranking based upon a confidence rating

– Contains full instructions

– Uses the full download data set

– Auto-populates pub details

– One button import of scores

– Lots of other features

Key Information

Instructions for using the sheet are contained in the sheet – Read these first

The sheet uses two downloaded files (instructions provided) to populate pub details and the actual scores.

Updates to the sheet will be made available from this page. They will be announced on the NBSS Discourse page.

Guidance for the previous (2013) version of the Spreadsheet (now superceeded):

The following tutorials explain how to use the spreadsheet. Each lasts less than seven minutes.

How to import the beer scores previously downloaded into the spreadsheet. View

How the NBSS spreadsheet presents information for analysis. View

How the NBSS spreadsheet can be used to analyse beer scores for Good Beer Guide short listing. View

How pub data from WhatPub can be exported to populate the NBSS spreadsheet. View

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