Young Members Structure

CAMRA has a Young Member's Structure that is made up of CAMRA volunteers; Young Members Group Committee (YMGC), Regional Young Members Co-ordinators (RYMC) and Branch Young Members Contacts (BYMC). They represent the voice of young CAMRA members and encourage the drinking of real ale among young people.

The three parts of the structure stay in contact with each other by e-mail, at the YMGC meetings and at CAMRA events. BYMCs and RYMCs inform the YMGC who, in turn, pass on the details to both active and inactive Young Branch Members.

Young Member's Group (YMG)

Every Young Member is a part of this group but there are structures and volunteer positions in place to control and organise it.

Young Members Group Committee (YMGC)

YMGC is made up of 7 elected BYMCs and RYMCs which are elected once a year. The Committee has the responsibility to reflect the views and interests of all Young Members. They meet 4 times a year at venues across the UK to discuss topics such as how to activate and recruit Young Members.

The YMGC promotes and encourages the drinking of Real Ale among young people by encouraging them to join numerous social activities organised nationwide and locally to them, as well as getting Young Members to become more involved with CAMRA across the various levels of organisation.

The YMGC reports to the Membership Committee. They also liaise with BYMCs, RYMCs, Branch Committees and Regional Directors.

Regional Young Members Co-ordinator (RYMC)

RYMCs are appointed by Regional Directors. They organise social events that all Young Member's of the region are invited to.

RYMCs should report to their Regional Director, the Young Member's Group Committee and attend Regional meetings. They should also liaise with their Branch Committees, BYMCs and Young Members.

CAMRA's aim is to have a RYMC in each of CAMRA's 16 regions, however at the moment only half are covered. If you would like to be a RYMC for your region, check here for vacancies and contact your Regional Director.

Branch Young Members Contact (BYMC)

BYMCs are elected annually by Branch Members during Branch AGMs. They are responsible for organising social events at a local level and should be the first point of contact for Young Members in their branch.

BYMCs report to their Branch Committee (Social Secretary and Membership Secretary in particular) and RYMCs. They also liaise with their Young Branch Members and Young Members Group Committee.

Every Branch should be in the process of finding a BYMC if they don't currently have one. If you are interested in being a BYMC for your Branch, check here for vacancies and contact your Branch.

Please find job descriptions for RYMCs and BYMCs below, to help yourself understand what is involved.

Contact us:

If you'd like to get in touch with a young CAMRA contact close to where you live, check out the Young Members Group Contacts or contact the YMGC at