University Real Ale Society Affiliation to CAMRA


University Real Ale Societies can affiliate to CAMRA with no administration fee!

If your University has a Real Ale Society and would like to establish links with CAMRA to offer additional benefits to society members, CAMRA's University Real Ale Societies scheme might be what you are looking for.

How does my University become affiliated? It is FREE for a university to affiliate to CAMRA. Complete the affiliation form to receive your pack.

Which University Socieites are already affiliated? There are already 22 University Real Ale Socieites affilated with CAMRA. Is yours affiliated yet? 


Why society members should join

As well as enjoying all the benefits of being a CAMRA member you will start discovering that there is more to beer than what you usually find at the bar.

Real ale is a natural, living beer and offers over 3,000 different ales to choose from - the complete opposite to keg beers such as Carling, Stella and Guinness Draught.

Whether you already drink real ale or have never tried a pint before, joining your University Real Ale Society and CAMRA will open your eyes to the vast and interesting world of quality beer and pubs.

CAMRA is a campaign of two halves and offers members the opportunity to enjoy real ale and pubs as well as campaign for pub goers and beer drinkers.


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