Beer Select-O-Pedia

The Beer Select-O-Pedia

The Beer Select-O-Pedia
 Michael Larson
UK Price: £12.99
UK Pub Date: 3 April 2014
ISBN: 978-1-85249-318-9
Format: 215 x 180mm, Flexibound
Classification: Food & Drink/Beer
Extent: 224 pages

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A great guide book to beer with an innovative approach aimed at all those eager to explore the modern world of beer, no matter how experienced a drinker you are.

Rather than focusing on a specific list of beers to drink, this book takes a step back and gives you all the information needed to create your own ‘must taste' list of beer styles with Select-O-Pedia's "Periodic Table of Beer". Whatever you are drinking, from British real ale to traditional continental lager and new world beers from the Americas, you simply find the appropriate style and are guided to its closest relatives.

Each style is presented in a highly visual format with tasting notes, food matching options, key production facts and some sample beers to get you started.

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