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Real Cider Window Stickers

CAMRA has launched a scheme to promote pubs serving real cider.

If a pub near you has at least one real cider available throughout the year then please submit the pubs details below and we'll send out a free window sticker to the pub. Alternatively pubs that sell real cider can also apply for accreditation below.

The aim of the window sticker is to support pubs by ensuring they can showcase the availability of real cider to consumers, this will in turn raise the profile of real cider, increase real cider sales and support pubs in these difficult times to differentiate themselves from other drinking establishments.

Eligible Pubs

View pubs already signed up to the scheme. Please check this list before you submit a pub, to make sure it is not already on the list.

To submit a large numbers of pubs in one go, you can download a spreadsheet to fill in.

Any pub with one or more draught real cider or perry of merchantable quality on sale all year round is eligible to display CAMRA's "Real Cider Sold Here" sticker.

Please note that the following ciders do not comply with CAMRA's definition of real cider.

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