Gluten Free Beers

Gluten Free Beers

For people who suffer from coeliac disease it is difficult to find a beer that they can drink with safety. Most beers contain at least some gluten which comes from the barley and other cereals used in brewing. 

However help may be at hand. 

One or two breweries produce gluten free beers - notably Hambleton Ales 

Greens has a range of Gluten free beers - see 

St. Peter's G-Free™ goes international

Following successful trials in the UK, St. Peter's G-Free™ gluten free beer is starting to be exported to various markets world-wide. 

The beer is brewed using sorghum instead of wheat making it suitable for coeliacs and is licensed by Coeliac UK (license number CUK - M - 085), the charity for people with coeliac disease. The beer has an AVB of 4.2%. 

St. Peter's Managing Director, Colin Cordy, said; 

"When we decided to brew a gluten free beer, we set ourselves the challenge to produce a beer which was every bit as good as our normal award winning range of ales and beers. To give the beer its' own character we selected American grown Amarillo hops and these give the beer a citrus and mandarin aroma. The beer is clean and crisp with a pilsner style lager finish. We have had many positive comments about G-Free™ ranging from industry experts to consumers with coeliac disease including many who had previously given up hope of drinking beer again since being diagnosed."

St. Peter's G-Free™ is available from the internet grocery retailer Ocado (from late March), independent stores throughout the UK and the brewery's own on line shop. Visit to see a list of stockists or to order for home delivery. 

Range of Gluten Free beers

Following the passing of a EU Directive allergens such as gluten will have to be listed in future. However we are still pressing for full ingredients listing to be made mandatory for alcohol above 1.2% abv which currently is exempt. 

The following beers are deemed to be gluten free. 

Nick Stafford Hambleton Ales 
Melberby Green Road 
North Yorkshire 
HG4 5NB 
Tel 01765 640108 

GFA abv 4.8% 
A tawny ale with aromas of Cascade, Liberty and Challenger hops and specially prepared dark sugars providing full bodied initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with a strong citrus finish. 

GFL abv 5.2% 
A Pale lager style beer with an initial fullness complemented by a fruit character, derived from East Kent Goldings and Continental Styrian hops, finishing with bitterness and citrus notes. Uniquely balanced and best served chilled. 

Greens Gluten Free Beers 
9 Briar Rhydding 
West Yorkshire 
BD17 7JW 
Tel: 01274 714664 

Bottle Refermented Naturally Gluten Free Amber Beer 500ml 6% vol 

Bottle Refermented Naturally Gluten Free Tripel Blonde Beer 500ml 8.5% vol 

Bottle Refermented Naturally Gluten Free Dubbel Dark Beer 500ml 7% vol 

Naturally Gluten Free Beer 330ml 6% vol 

Naturally Gluten Free Double Dark Beer 330ml 6% vol 

Naturally Gluten Free Ale 500ml 4% vol 

Naturally Gluten Free Lager 330ml 5% vol 

Naturally Gluten Free Low Carb Lager 500ml 4.7% vol 

Against the Grain 
Fine Ale Club 
Layer de la Haye 
CO2 0ET 
Tel 01206 734372

Against the Grain 4.5% ABV 
Britain's favourite Gluten Free Bitter (gluten 5.1ppm) smooth, creamy, good head and full flavoured. Indistinguishable from normal beer. Brewed by Wold Top Brewery Driffield , East Yorkshire. 

St Peter's Brewery Co Ltd 
St Peter's Hall 
St Peter South Elmham 
NR35 1NQ 
Tel 01986 782322 

Gluten Free Pale Ale 

Allendale Brewery
Allen Mill
Allendale Hexham
NE47 9EG
Tel: 01434 618686

Allendale GFPA 4.3% ABV

Following its successful launch at the Great North Gluten Free Festival, Pale Ale has become a popular favourite and has therefore been distributed ever since. It uses traditional brewing techniques basing the beer on 100% malted sorghum which is a naturally gluten free grain.  

Stringers Beer

Stringers Beer
Unit 3, Low Mill Business Park
LA12 9EE
Tel: (+44) (0)1229 581387

Plan B

Pale, light and zesty. With a touch of honey! "Gluten Free", 3.7% ABV


Nene Valley Brewery

Most beers are now gluten free. The beers are regularly tested by accredited labs and the results show them to have less than 20ppm of gluten. 

Oundle Wharf, 

Station Road,





Wibblers Brewery 

Wibblers Apprentice is a certified Gluten Free beer.  First brewed in 2007, Apprentice is a amber ber, slightly malty with a hoppy nose. 

Wibblers Brewery

Goldsands Road