CAMRA responds to the news that the UK is 'running out of fizz'

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20 June 2018

CAMRA responds to the news that the UK is 'running out of fizz'

Following the news that Britain's CO2 supply is under threat which could impact on beers available this summer and for the world cup, please find below comment from Tom Stainer, CAMRA's Chief Communications Officer.

"Beer drinkers concerned about the supply of beer this summer can rest easy. There are plenty of fantastic real ales, ciders and perries that will be completely unaffected by the impending CO2 shortage. Real ales are naturally carbonated by live yeast that is left in the bottle or cask, and are therefore "living products" compared to keg beers, which artificially inject CO2 into the brew for carbonation. In addition, real ciders and perries are naturally still, making them a refreshing beverage choice in the summer heat. We would encourage anyone who's looking forward to their next pint to take this opportunity try a real ale or a thirst-quenching cider or perry instead."  

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