Comment from CAMRA on the news that Brexit will make families poorer

Comment from CAMRA on the news that Brexit will make families poorer

Following the warning from the Bank of England this morning that the impact of Brexit will contribute to a dramatic drop in real-term pay this year (here), the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is urging election candidates to back a number of pledges to help keep pub-going an affordable activity.

Tom Stainer, Head of Communications at CAMRA says:

"When money is tight, pub-going is one of the first things that consumers cut back on to try to make ends meet. While this is of course understandable, it actually has quite a harmful impact on a person's wellbeing. Visiting a local pub on a regular basis makes people happier and feel better connected to their local community.

"The financial impact of Brexit could of course hit consumers, which is why we are asking election candidates to reduce the potential negative impacts from Brexit. We are also asking that they use the opportunity to provide new tax relief for pubs that was previously impossible due to European regulations. We believe that a reduced tax burden for pubs and other on-trade outlets as compared to the off trade is vital to help keep pub-going an affordable activity for British consumers."

CAMRA's full Manifesto for candidates can be accessed at

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