List your Local

If you love your local pub and think it adds value to your local community, then why not list it with your local council as an 'Asset of Community Value' (ACV)? 

Pubs listed as ACVs are automatically protected in planning law - meaning you will always be consulted before it can be demolished or converted into another use.

Under current law, a pub without ACV status can be demolished or converted into several other uses including supermarkets without community consultation. 

There are now over 2,000 pubs listed as ACVs across England. Below outlines how your community can come together to nominate your local. 

If you require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us on

How to nominate:

1. Decide who you are nominating on behalf of. You can either nominate as a group of 21 local people. as a Parish Council, or in connection with another local group including a CAMRA Branch. 

2. Go to your local Council website and download a nomination form. You should then fill the nomination form out with as much detail as you can on why the pub adds value to your community.

3. If nominating as a group of 21 local people, make sure they're all on the electoral register. Often best to have a few more just in case!

4. Submit the form to the Council - there should be an email address or address on their website provided. Our Chair of Pub Campaigns Committee Paul Ainsworth is happy to look over draft nominations. So if you're unsure, send it over to

5. Wait 8 weeks for a decision! Once a Council has received your application, they'll have 8 weeks to decide whether or not to list the asset.