Information for Licensees

Reasons why ACV listing is beneficial to you as a licensee:

1/ An ACV accreditation is a quality mark which confirms that your pub is valued by local people and is an important part of community life. This can be used to promote the pub to customers and could increase trade. 

2/ If you are looking to sell your pub you might be able to save on agents fees by selling direct to the community. ACVs provide access to a group of people who may wish to purchase the pub.

3/ ACV status can prevent your pubco selling the pub to a property developer without you being informed. You would also have the opportunity to bid for the pub yourselves. 

4/ Pubs sold as going concerns are not subject to the moratorium. So there is no delay in cases where the purchaser fully intends to keep the pub open.

5/ The initial moratorium is just six weeks which is much shorter than the time it usually takes to find a buyer and for solicitors to complete a sale. The moratorium is only extended to six months if a community group expresses an interest in buying the pub. A sale to the community can take place within the six months.

6/ ACV status can start a conversation with the com

munity group who have the opportunity to work together to increase business.

7/ ACV status may help when applying to alter licensing hours or applying for planning permission to extend a pub to increase viability. This is because the ACV status provides evidence that the pub is valued and supported by the community.

8/ CAMRA are campaigning for ACV pubs to be given enhanced support by Councils and Government. One of the ideas we are pursuing is the extension of business rate relief for pubs listed as ACVs which would save licensees money

9/ ACV status can be used to secure valuable positive publicity in local media

10/ Having got the pub listed, people in the community are more likely to feel loyal to the pub and use it more regularly.

Bexley Council have produced an 'FAQs document' which outlines exactly what it means for you as an owner to have your pub listed as an ACV. You can read it here

You can also order an Asset of Community Value certificate from the Department of Communities and Local Government. Order it here