Information for Councillors

CAMRA wants to work with local Councillors to launch campaigns in your Ward to protect valued community pubs. 

Every week 21 pubs close their doors forever - and weak planning laws are forcing valuable pubs to close behind the backs of the community.

However new laws are in our favour - and we now have the valuable opportunity to work together to protect our local pubs. 

Why campaign to protect pubs: 

  1. Pub campaigning can be used as a way to start and maintain a conversation with ward members
  2. You can become the leader of your own community and a champion of community pubs in your Ward
  3. It is a good opportunity to gain positive press coverage for your work in the ward
  4. Pub campaigning allows you to connect with other local groups and members of the community
  5. Pubs listed as 'Assets of Community Value' with your local Council are automatically granted additional planning protection and you will be consulted if your pub comes under threat - therefore giving you greater powers over issues that matter to communities. 
  6. ACVs can be used as material planning consideration in planning applications – so you could be helping keep pubs at the heart of communities

How CAMRA can support you:

  1. Contact CAMRA's Campaigns team for advice on
  2. Put you in contact with your local CAMRA Branch and a representative who could look to attend Ward Meetings to speak about CAMRA's campaign
  3. Provide you with a template press release to promote the work you are doing in the local press
  4. Provide you with campaigning material that is relevant to your campaign. We have other resources available at: