Information on listing your local as an ACV

List Your Local

How do I nominate a pub?

1. Decide who you are nominating on behalf of. You can either nominate as an unincorporated group of 21 local people, as a Parish Council or in connection with another local group including CAMRA Branch. 

2. Go to your Council website and look up the section on Assets of Community Value or Right to Bid. Here you can download a nomination form (or if there isn't one available CAMRA provides a template below). 
3. Fill in the form with as much detail as you can on why the pub should be classified as a community asset.
4. If nominating as an Unincorporated Group, demonstrate that at least 21 people from the local community support the listing of the pub.

5. Check your local council website to see where the nomination needs to be submitted. Many councils have produced guidance explaining how they are accepting nominations.
6. Request a receipt from the local authority to acknowledge they have received the form as planning protection will be granted at the point of nomination. 


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