Pub Discount Scheme

CAMRA Discount Scheme, Support for Community Pubs

CAMRA has launched a new initiative to help drive trade to community pubs by introducing a national, unified real ale discount scheme for CAMRA members. 

Plenty of kind pubs across Britain already offer CAMRA card-carrying members discounts on the real ales they sell. This new scheme will help these pubs, and hopefully some new pubs, to clearly promote these offers to CAMRA members resulting in hopefully more trade. 

If there is a good take up for this scheme, then CAMRA hopes to launch an online database in the future for CAMRA members to search for the pubs that are participating in this scheme.


This scheme is currently in the process of being moved to a new and improved system. We apologise for the inconvenience but we hope to have the scheme back up and improved with even more pubs very soon!


How does the CAMRA Discount Scheme work?

CAMRA have produced empty-belly posters for pubs to display the discounts they are offering to CAMRA members behind the bar. This will help CAMRA members identify that the pub is participating in the scheme. 

These posters have space for the pub to write in the discount they are offering to CAMRA members on pints and half pints. 

The discount is at the discretion of the pub and can be as little or as large as the pub feels suits their business. 

The poster also offers space for the pub to add any Terms and Conditions of the offer or additional discounts on items such as accommodation or food.

Which pubs can participate in the scheme?

All real ale pubs can participate in this scheme. 

If a pub is not a freehouse, but would like to participate, then it is up to the licensee / manager to discuss the logistics and participation with the pub owning company.

How do pubs sign up to the scheme?

Real ale pubs can sign up to the scheme using our online form. The pub will then be sent a FREE promotional pack in the post. 


How do CAMRA officials sign up pubs to the scheme?

CAMRA branch officials can also sign up pubs for the Discount Scheme. It is important that CAMRA branch officials get approval from pub licensees / managers before they order the promotional packs on their behalf and submit online the discounts the pub offers to CAMRA members. 

If you are a branch official and have agreement from a pub to join the scheme, please can you get in touch your branch WhatPub contact with all the details. Once the pub's listing on WhatPub has been updated to include the Member Discount Scheme by your branch contact, an information pack will be automatically sent to the pub. If you are unsure of your branch Whatpub contact please email 

Pub licensee / managers and CAMRA branch officials can also order promotional packs by calling CAMRA Head Office on 01727 867201.

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