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Wheat Free Beers

Quite a few real ales do not have any wheat in their ingredients. Beers identified as wheat beers will have a large quantity of wheat (malted and unmalted) in their ingredients - up to 50% or even more. Geuezes and lambic beers also have a considerable proportion of wheat in their make up. 

But even beers which would not normally be considered as being wheat beers sometimes have a small proportion of wheat in the original grist to help such things as head retention. There may be only 5% or less but this is sometimes enough to give an allergic reaction to someone who is intolerant or alergic to wheat. 

However since beer doesn't have to have its ingredients listed it may be difficult to identify those beers that are wheat free. 

Woodforde's regular beers have no wheat. 

Adnams beers use no wheat. 

Timothy Taylors Landlord is wheat free.