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Lactose Intolerance

Some adults have an inability to digest lactose a water soluble sugar. This inability varies from one population group to another. 

Lactose is present in two large food categories: conventional dairy products, and as a food additive (in dairy and non dairy products). 

Lactose (also present when labels state lactoserum, whey, milk solids, modified milk ingredients, etc.) is a commercial food additive used for its texture, flavour and adhesive qualities, and is found in foods such as processed meats (sausages/hot dogs, sliced meats, pâtés), gravy stock powder, margarines sliced breads, breakfast cereals, potato chips, dried fruit, processed foods, medications, pre-prepared meals, meal replacement (powders and bars), and protein supplements (powders and bars). 

However it is seldom found in beers apart from Milk Stouts (e.g. Mackeson) where lactose rather than milk is used in the brewing process. Lactose is a non-fermentable sugar. Lactose is not a natural product of the malting and fermentation processes which help break down the starch in the malted barley to a series of sugars , most of which are fermentable 

There is currently no requirement to specify whether a beer contains lactose; but if milk stouts are avoided there should be no reason to fear drinking other styles of beer.