The Judging Process


Judges are expected to have some expertise or a strong interest in pubs and their design. Over the years, they have included architects, chartered designers, historians, industrial archeologists, structural engineers, librarians, brewers and so on.

The judges are expected to investigate all of the entries that are made by reviewing the plans and photos submitted electronically and then meeting in person to discuss them. Judges are expected to visit all of the entries in order to draw up a shortlist which must be agreed upon unaminously by the judges. Awards are not automatically given in all sections as the standards must be very high.

The current judges include:

Sean Murphy: Sean has been interested in pubs for many years. Sean hails from Liverpool and has been a member of the National Executive. He has chaired one of the predecessors of Pub Campaigns Coordinating Group and continues to serve on PCCG and on Pub Heritage Group.

Peter Marsh: Peter is a former Regional Director and a former National Executive member. He was also once the Chair of a predecessor of PCCG. Peter is a retired Quantity Surveyor who worked at one time for a leading pub refurbishment company in the North West.

Jane Jephcote: Jane has been Chair of the London Pubs Group for many years. Jane was formerly employed by English Heritage and is now with the Victorian Society. She has been an active Committee member in her local branch for many years and is also is on Pub Heritage Group. She is the co-author of several books on London Pubs.

Andrew Davison: Andrew is a member of the Pub Heritage Group and is with Historic England, formerly English Heritage. He has had a deep interest in pubs and is the co-author of a number of books on the subject.

Andy Shaw: Andy is a member of CAMRA's National Executive and the newest judge. He is also a member of Pub Heritage Group and Pub Campaigning Group.

Dr Geoff Brandwood: Geoff is a former CAMRA/English heritage case worker who was responsible for a project which led to a number of pubs being listed for the first time, and having revised some listing descriptions. He is a prolific author on pubs, a former president of the Victorian Society, and is a current member of Pub Heritage Group.

Clinton Greyn: Clinton is a retired actor and was the first full time Director of the 20th Century Society, where he developed an interest in pre- and inter-war pubs, art deco buildings etc.

Professor Steven Parissien: Steven became a judge after a period as Dean of the Department of Art and Architecture in Plymouth University and some time with The Prince's Trust for the Built Environment. He is now the Director of Compton Verney, a private Art Gallery in a stately home in Warwickshire. He is a prolific author and lecturer.