Mass Lobby Day FAQs


What is a Mass Lobby Day?

A Mass Lobby Day is an effective way to communicate to MPs and the Government about a cause which needs legislative change in a short time period, creating a sense of urgency.

Meetings with multiple MPs on one single day encourages them to discuss our campaigns with Ministers, among each other within Parliament, and outline their support for our campaigns on social media.


Why is CAMRA holding a Mass Lobby Day?

Lobby days are often linked to a Bill going through Parliament. In this case, our lobby day will be linked to the Autumn Budget which is expected to take place in late November/early December.


How do I find out which constituency I live in?

You can find out which constituency you live in by searching your postcode here:


It costs more than £50 for me to travel to London. How do I cover the rest of the cost?

As we have an allocated budget, we are unable to provide more than £50 per member. We would encourage attendees to book their travel as soon as they have secured their meeting with their MP.


What if more than two members from my constituency want to attend the mass lobby day?

Travel expenses for more than two members in a constituency would not be funded by the campaign.


How can I claim my travel expenses back?

Expenses will be payable after the lobby day. Those attending should follow the CAMRA Volunteers Expenses Policy and submit an expenses claim after the event.


How do I invite my MP?

Let the campaigns team know that you wish to attend by e-mailing Should the space be available, you will be sent a template e-mail to send to your MP.


Will attendees receive further guidance on what to say to their MP?

Yes, all those attending will receive a detailed briefing outlining CAMRA's campaigning messages and suggested points to make in their meetings.


How do I apply to be a delegate?

Send us an email to with your constituency, name, address, and membership number. We'll then send you an email with more information and a template for you to contact your MP.


I have a question which hasn't been answered here. Who should I contact?

For any other queries, please contact