Real Ale in a Bottle Breweries

Get the CAMRA Says This is Real Ale logo on your bottle labels

The following is a series of steps and frequently asked questions for the Real Ale in a Bottle Accreditation Scheme. Should you have any queries not covered below please contact, or telephone 01727 867201.


Criteria for Entry

To be able to include the logo on your bottle labels then the below two steps must have been completed to ensure your beers meet the standards set out by CAMRA for bottle-conditioned beers.

  1. Your brewery must produce bottle-conditioned beers.
  2. Your bottle-conditioned beer(s) must be listed in the current edition of CAMRA's Good Bottled Beer Guide OR if your beer is not listed then it must have been tested by our expert beer writer and author of the Good Bottled Beer Guide and be under consideration for the next edition.
  3. Agree to the logo useage agreement

What do I do Next?

Please follow the guidelines below depending on how far through the process your brewery currently is:

 1. My beers have been tested and are listed in the current Good Bottled Beer Guide

The next stage is to apply for the logo and the logo agreement. Please cintact


 2. My beers have been tested but are not listed in the current Good Bottled Beer Guide

Since you beers have been tested you can also apply for the logo and the logo agreement by contcating We will however have to wait for confirmation that your beers are under consideration for the next edition of the Good Bottled Beer Guide before we can send out the logo and agreement.


 3. My beers have not yet been tested

The first stage would be to make initial contact with CAMRA HQ,, outling the range of beers you would like to include in the scheme. We will then respond with instructions on where to send your beers for testing, and following on from this we can finally send the logo and agreement.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more information about the logo?

  • To protect the scheme's integrity, the logo is governed by a licensing agreement.
  • Your brewery must contact CAMRA HQ for a copy of the logo agreement, and you can do this using the form below.
  • The logo agreement offers guidelines of usage and ensures that if the bottling process should change that CAMRA reserves the right to give notice and withdraw permission for logo usage.
  • It also means that if your brewery produces two versions of the same beer, that the logo may only be used on the label of the bottle-conditioned version.
  • Once this has been signed and returned to HQ we are then able to issue a copy of the logo to your brewery in their preferred format.
  • There is no charge to your brewery for using the logo.

What if my brewery has large existing stock of labels?

  • Your brewery can still request a copy of the agreement and return it to us.
  • From the date the signed agreement is received by HQ we will then list your brewery as a supporter of the scheme. You will be included on our website, and the current list will be supplied to retailers and buyers when requested.
  • We would also ask that your brewery informs us when they expect to start using the logo, and send us an example of the artwork for our files once the label is in production.

My brewery has just started to bottle-condition a new beer, can I still use the logo?

  • Unfortunately a new beer cannot just be included in the scheme. As stated they must be under consideration or already included in the latest version of the Good Bottled Beer Guide.
  • To be included in the Good Bottled Beer Guide, a brewery would normally have to submit samples to the Editor Jeff Evans. However, these samples must already be established and in regular production and be supplied for testing in the same format in which they would be sold.
  • Each beer should be sent with details of the process by which it was bottled.
  • Each case is reviewed individually, and the decision made by CAMRA at that time is final.
  • If a brewery wishes to submit a beer for testing please use the form below to contact CAMRA HQ.

Other comments

  • The scheme has proved very popular and many breweries are keen to get involved, however it should be remembered that breweries are able to use the logo free of charge.
  • The scheme is based on creating consumer interest and understanding of bottle-conditioned beers, and CAMRA is essentially putting its name to this by letting breweries use this logo.
  • Therefore, to protect the integrity of the scheme these guidelines and a logo agreement have been produced which must be adhered to.
  • As with breweries that have large existing label stocks to use up, the brewery is welcome to join the scheme once we have received a sample for testing. As with this category, we will list and promote them and their beer in the same way

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