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Let's get walking to the pub

Recent research from Oxford University shows that going to the pub is good for your personal wellbeing. Pubs play a pivotal role in providing an open venue where you can make friends in a relaxed atmosphere and sustain current friendships, which has a huge impact on our health and happiness. 

But pubs are much more than watering holes - they are common meeting grounds for a variety of groups and social clubs, and even facilitate healthy and active lifestyles for sports teams and cycling/walking groups.

It is this combination of good beer and an active lifestyle that has brought together the Ramblers and CAMRA in providing a selection of short walks across England which stop off or finish at a real ale pubs to explore this Christmas.

Please find below a selection of pub walks between 3-5 miles chosen by the Ramblers which include pub suggestions advised by the local CAMRA branch. We have also added in a bespoke safety guide in case it is your first walk. 

Interested in taking a hike? Please note that the following FOUR walks have been provided as downloadable PDF "previews" for our members. The rest are available on the Ramblers website. Don't worry, you won't have to pay a penny. Simply register your details and you are good to go!

So what are you waiting for? Get on your walking shoes and try out a route on your next pub visit!

Looking for more walks? Why not visit our CAMRA shop for some more exciting pub walk books?


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