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CAMRA believe that bottle-conditioned beers are the next best thing to the draught real ale you find in the pub. The majority of bottle-conditioned beers that are currently being sold in retailers are not clearly labelled as premium, quality products compared with the other bottled ales you can buy.

The One To Try scheme is a neck collar campaign. Each tag has the same simple but striking design that will only hang around the bottle neck of selected bottle-conditioned beers ensuring you receive the best bottled real ales on the market.

In addition to making the bottle-conditioned beers stand out on the shop shelves, the neck-collar tag will also have information on the reverse to help you understand how bottle-conditioned beers differ from other bottled ales along with useful information on how to store and pour the beers properly.

Keep your eyes peeled for One To Try tags in retailers near you! If you see one let us know what you thought using the form at the bottom of the page.

For further information on the scheme please contact marketing - 


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Information for Breweries & Retailers

The Process: CAMRA supplies breweries with the tags to place on their bottles during bottling. The breweries then ship their tagged bottles to the retailers they normally supply.

In order for the scheme to work there must be an agreement in place between the brewery and the retailer. If you are a brewery or a retailer and would like to discuss using the tags please contact the marketing team 

Please note that breweries will need to be part of the Real Ale in a Bottle Brewery Accreditation Scheme in order to be supplied with the tags and the retailer must be part of the Real Ale in a Bottle Retailer Scheme.

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Feedback Form

CAMRA would really appreciate your feedback on our new One To Try scheme, so please spend a minute to fill in the form and let us know what you think of our new tags.