Good Beer Guide Belgium

Good Beer Guide Belgium (7th Edition)

Author: Tim Webb & Joe Stange
UK Price: £14.99
UK Pub Date: 27 March 2014
ISBN: 978-1-85249-311-0
Format: 210 x 135mm, Paperback
Classification: Travel/Pub Guide, Travel/EU/Belgium, Food & Drink/Beer
Extent: 368 pages

About the Book

CAMRA's Good Beer Guide Belgium is an indispensable companion for anyone planning a trip to one of the greatest brewing nations.

This complete guide to the world of Belgian beer is packed with information on breweries, beers and bars from around the country. It also features comprehensive advice on getting there, what to eat, where to stay and how to bring the best of Belgium's beer offering back home with you.

The guide contains full-colour province-by-province maps, plus detailed city maps with bar locations, and includes details on over 500 bars and cafés.

About the Author

Tim Webb has been a professional beer writer for over twenty years. He has written books on beers from all over the world including The World Beer Atlas, 100 Belgian Beers to Try Before You Die! and Lambicland. He lives in Cambridge and rides a bike.

Joe Stange is a freelance writer and editor contributing to various magazines. Specializing in Belgian ales, Brussels, North and Latin American craft beer, and beer travel in general. Co-author of Around Brussels in 80 Beers.