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After eight months of hard work from CAMRA members and staff the call on Government to scrap the beer duty escalator has finally been debated in the Parliament.

Over 58 MPs from all parties unanimously backed the call on Government to review the beer duty escalator and present back before Budget 2013. This is a fantastic step in the campaign and a fitting response to the 100,000 signatures on the e-petition.

In truth the most fitting response would be for the Government to realise the escalator is an ineffective out of date policy which is damaging the beer and pub industry and scrap it, but the purpose of the debate was to propose a review and so we must be happy with that result.

Unfortunately the Treasury Minister Sajid Javid gave a luke warm response at the end of the debate, wheeling out the usual Government rhetoric, but the important part is the vote and that the will of Parliament should be adhered to.

To ensure this happens our campaign cannot stop here we must keep the momentum going - we need to grow our support among more Government MPs and therfore the next step of CAMRA's mass lobby comes at the perfect time.

On Wednesday 12th December we hope 1000+ CAMRA members, publicans, brewers and beer drinkers will join us and meet with their MP. To register and for more details go to

Here is the response to the beer tax debate from Colin Valentine, CAMRA's National Chairman:

‘CAMRA was delighted to see the ground swell of support from MPs from all parties in today's debate for a review of the damaging beer duty escalator. Passing a motion for the Government to conduct a thorough review of the economic and social impact of the escalator is a major step forward for the industry and sends out a clear message from inside Westminster that enough is enough.

‘At a time when Britain's pub closure rate is back on the rise, any review must take into account the 5,800+ pubs which have closed since the Government's punitive escalator system was introduced in 2008. It must also be reinforced that further planned increases will bring in no additional revenue for the next 3 years, and will only serve the purpose of harming many communities across Britain when their local pub is no longer able to run a viable business.

‘Building on the success of today's debate, CAMRA will be upping the ante and lookin
g ahead to its Mass Parliamentary Lobby on December 12th, where over 1,000 beer drinkers and pub goers will be descending upon Westminster to ensure MPs keep the pressure on Government to conduct a proper review and scrap the beer duty escalator.'

Thank you to the 4,000 of you who wrote to their MP asking them to attend the debate and back the campaign - it really makes a difference and strengthens the campaign. Next, please consider joining us at the lobby to meet with your MP.