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2014 European Election results a hit for beer drinkers

Last week the European Parliament Election results were announced, with 24 of the 73 newly elected MEPs pledging support for community pubs, real ale and consumer rights in Europe. 

Among the 24 supportive MEPs are 9 Labour, 6 Conservative, 3 Green, 3 UKIP, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Plaid Cymru, and 1 Scottish National Party MEP - with at least one supportive MEP in every region excluding Northern Ireland. 

For a breakdown of those parties and supportive MEPs please click here

Ahead of the Election, CAMRA members asked their election candidates to support four key issues of great importance to beer drinkers and pub goers: 

1)     Diversity of beer: British breweries are thriving with 1,100 small breweries currently operating. We support action to ensure consumers have access to a wide variety of beer in pubs, such as with the introduction of free of tie options and a guest beer right for licensees tied to large pub companies

2)     Information about beer: in particular, we support ingredients listing and inclusion of the point of origin on all beer labels

3)     Cost of beer: we encourage the consumption of beer (a low alcohol product) in the responsible environment of well-run community pubs, and so we support action to ensure the price of beer remains affordable

4)     The amendment of EU Excise Duty Directives to allow UK Government to:
        - introduce a preferential duty rate for beer sold in pubs
        - introduce a lower rate of duty for beers at or below 3.5% abv in strength
        - ensure Small Brewers are not excluded from discounts available to brewers of low strength beers

CAMRA is now looking forward to working closely with the newly elected MEPs to ensure consumers and beer drinkers are fairly represented across Europe. 

Emily Ryans, CAMRA's Senior Campaigns Manager added: "We are delighted with the initial support from the newly elected members of the European Parliament. The widespread level of support from every political party for beer drinkers and pub goers in Europe will form the foundation for effective campaigning in the coming years". 

*CAMRA is a member of the European Beer Consumers Union [EBCU], a federation of 13 national beer consumer organisations across Europe which was founded in 1990. To view a copy of their manisfesto, please click here

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