Different Styles

There many different styles of real ale, varying from malty, lightly-hopped milds to dark and bitter stouts and porters. With over 1,200 breweries producing over 6,000 ales on a regular basis, it can truly be said that British real ale is an incredibly diverse product. Whatever your taste preference you can be sure that there is a beer to suit almost everyone! To find out more about individual beer styles please click on the links below.


Scottish Beers

Scottish Beers

Historically, Scottish beers tend to be darker, sweeter and less heavily hopped than English and Welsh ales: a cold climate demands warming beers. But many of the new craft breweries produce beers lighter in colour and with generous hop rates.

The traditional, classic styles are Light, low in strength and so-called even when dark in colour, also known as 60/-, Heavy or 70/-, Export or 80/- and a strong Wee Heavy, similar to a barley wine, and also labelled 90/-.

In the 19th century, beers were invoiced according to strength, using the now defunct currency of the shilling.