Did you know that the UK pays nearly 40% of all beer duty in the EU but only consumes around 12% of the beer?

UK beer duty is still disproportionately high compared to other leading brewing nations in Europe. Action is needed to address this imbalance and allow brewers to invest in their businesses, and increase the variety of beers available to consumers.


In the Spring 2017 Budget:the Chancellor announced that beer duty would see an inflationary rise of 3.9% - the first rise in duty in five years. This means an additional 2p of duty per pint of beer.


This rise in duty risks a return to the dark days of the Beer Duty Escalator, in place from 2008-2012, where beer duty rose by 2% above inflation every year.


We must now work together to ensure the upcoming Budget announces a freeze in beer duty so the cost of a pint remains affordable for consumers.