Community Pub Ownership

There are now around 70 pubs across the UK owned and run by the local community. Community owned pubs allow local people to run and grow a business which meets the need of individual communities; often by offering other local services such as shops, post offices or a local library. 

If an ACV listed pub comes up for sale, the local Council will write to inform you that an initial 6 week moratorium period has been triggered. If within those 6 weeks you decide that the community could raise the funds to purchase the property, you should inform the council so that the moratorium period can be extended to 6 months.

Further advice and support

CAMRA works closely with the Plunkett Foundation who are able to offer small grants and free advice to community groups looking to purchase their local pub. You can contact them by visiting: 

The below organisations will also be able to support you with obtaining finance and providing support:

Community Shares -
Locality -
Architectural Heritage Fund -
Big Lottery Fund -
Public Work Loans Board -