Top Cider Campaigners


Our campaign wouldn't be as successful as it is today if it hadn't been for the efforts of dedicated and passionate volunteers over the last 25 years.

To highlight just a fraction of the work done for the campaign we'd like you to help us honour the ten people who championed real cider & perry during this time. 

All votes have now been cast and we are proud to announce that the following people have been recognised as our top cider campaigners:

Ray Blockley

Andrea Briers

Ivor and Susie Dunkerton

Denis Gwatkin (Gwatkin Cider)

Jon Hallam

David Kitton

Andrew Lea

Mick Lewis

Dave Matthews (Seidr Dai)

Sarah Newson

Tom Oliver (Oliver's Cider)

Gillian Williams

Well done to you all, and to all those on our long list who have contributed so much in the last 25 years.

Thank you all for your votes.