CAMRA has been campaigning for over 40 years in Scotland for quality real ale, community pubs and the rights of pub-goers and real ale drinkers.

Scotland has:

  • Over 5,000 CAMRA members
  • 4,600 pubs
  • 120 Breweries 

CAMRA's key asks of the Scottish Parliament are as follows:

  1. To introduce a Pubs Code and Adjudicator to protect licensees in Scotland who are tied to the large pub companies from unfair practices. As part of this, we'd like to see a Market Rent Only Option and Guest Beer Rights for tenants that are tied to pub companies that own 100 pubs or more.
  2. To strengthen planning law so that planning permission is always required before a pub can be demolished.
  3. To see the Government introduce further measures to support communities who want to take over their local pub.
  4. To extend the current business rate relief scheme to benefit even more pubs
  5.  To review the impact of new drink driving laws on the pub sector in order to develop proposals to help support affected pubs and support public transport in rural area


Do you live in Scotland and want to get more involved in our campaigns? Email your Regional Director Sarah Crawford on or by emailing CAMRA's Campaigns team on