CAMRA in Europe

EBCU logoGood beer doesn't stop at Dover. There are very many great beers brewed by brewers in Europe and beyond. The beer drinker in Denmark, Belgium or Italy faces many of the same threats to their traditional beer styles and breweries as drinkers in the UK.

With this in mind, in May 1990 CAMRA decided to link up with similar national beer consumer groups in the rest of Europe so that they could more effectively campaign and lobby the European Commission and European Parliament. And so the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) was formed.

It is in Europe, in the corridors of powers of Strasbourg and Brussels, that much of what affects the UK beer drinker is determined. For instance, the Commission's competition division is always interested in the tied house system, reform of the UK excise duty system will require EC approval, European legislation impacts on ingredients, labelling and other such issues. 

The original three founding members of EBCU in May 1990 were Objectieve Bierproevers from Belgium, PINT from The Netherlands and CAMRA from the UK.  Today there are thirteen national members' organisations from Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK to lobby for drinkers interests at a European level.

Delegates meet twice yearly to discuss and coordinate the policy of EBCU. These meetings also act as a forum for information exchange. The day to day management of EBCU is conducted by an Executive of 5 individuals elected annually by the member organisations of EBCU at their Autumn meeting.

The work of EBCU is governed by its Constitution, which was signed by all EBCU members in 2008.

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