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Parliamentary Beer Duty Debate on Monday

Article by Sam Hargreaves.

Britain's pubs face an impossible situation with a stagnant economy and a crippling level of duty being placed on every pint.

Around £1 of every pint sold in a pub is duty and VAT. Licensees must raise their prices to levels where they can't compete with heavily discounting supermarkets which pushes people to drink at home and other unregulated environments. 

CAMRA is calling for the beer duty escalator to be scrapped and an important step in this campaign is happening on Monday 2nd July.

Gavin Williamson MP has secured a debate for the ‘Proposal to End the Beer Duty Escalator' in which Treasury Minister Chloe Smith MP will attend.

Parliament host many types of debate and this will be an Adjournment Debate which are held at the end of the day and with no formal vote to scrap the escalator will happen. This debate is a fantastic opportunity to gauge supporters of the campaign and keep the issue on the agenda.

However, we still need to reach 100,000 signature on the e-petition in order to get a main chamber debate which will have a formal vote in the lead up to next year's Budget.

We currently have 60,000 signatures; if you haven't signed you can do it in less than five minutes by visiting the petition directly here. If you have signed why not get your friends to add their names to the list by sending them to the Save Your Pint website

Watch the debate on Monday and see if your MP attends and support the campaign to save the community pub and safeguard an environment to enjoy real ale.