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IT experts – can you help CAMRA?

Over the last few years CAMRA has achieved great campaigning successes through the use of IT and in particular various websites.  The Brewery Information System has helped Brewery Liaison Officers to compile the information of the brewery section of the Good Beer Guide.  Pubzilla has supported branch committee volunteers in collating the information for WhatPub and the pub section of the Good Beer Guide.  WhatPub itself is an online pub guide that is visited by over 420,000 people every month, and which encourages people to go to the pub more often.

All of these systems have one thing in common - they were developed by CAMRA members who are also IT professionals and who chose to volunteer their time and knowledge. This is vital, because whilst CAMRA invests a significant amount of its available funds on IT, and has a dedicated IT team at our office in St Albans, we will never have sufficient funds to pay for all the IT projects that we would wish to carry out.  Without these volunteers we will not achieve all our campaigning goals.
We need your help to continue this development.  We would like to ask all CAMRA members who are IT professionals to consider volunteering to support the Campaign.  We can use development skills such as business analysis, systems design, development in PHP / Laravel, QA testing and project management.  We also need operational support experience using Plesk, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Liferay.

If you can help, please complete the online the survey at, to indicate which areas of expertise you can help us with and the amount of time you can offer. If you have any questions or want to explore what might be involved please email

Brett Laniosh
Director responsible for volunteers