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Fair Deal For Your Local: Time for Pubco Reform

We have a very real opportunity to help save the Great British pub. Your support secured the first cut in beer duty for 50 years now please join us and call for a:


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In April, after years of campaigning by CAMRA, the Government announced a long-awaited consultation on their plans to reform the big pub companies. These big pubcos are making life tough for their pubs and hard working licensees by taking excessive profits from pubs – so licensees and pub goers alike suffer.

The Government is now proposing:

  • A powerful new Code and Watchdog to ensure fair dealing by big pub companies
  • A new choice for licensees to opt out of restrictive tied agreements and just pay a fair market rent to their pubco
  • Fair rents and beer prices charged to tied publicans, allowing them to thrive

Your support in getting us this far has made all the difference. However, the battle is not won, we need to ensure the Government sees through its plans for reform. To make the most of this opportunity there are three things you can do right now:

STEP 1:  Complete the Government survey and call for pubco reform. 

STEP 2: To strengthen your call for reform please send in your own written submission

STEP 3:  Use our campaign website to find out more information about the campaign and sign up to show your support.

Our hope is that the proposals will apply to the UK as a whole. The UK Government is currently talking to devolved Governments to see how and if this can be achieved. 


Visit to find out more and get involved.