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CAMRA reaches 300 ACVs

In February 2014 CAMRA announced that 300 pubs had been listed as Assets of Community Value.

Just 5 months after Community Pubs Minister Brandon Lewis announced CAMRA's first milestone in reaching 100 pubs listed as Assets of Community Value at the 2013 Great British Beer Festival, CAMRA has secured over 300 pubs listed as ACVs.

Pubs are now the most listed buildings in the UK; giving councils greater ability to refuse planning applications for up to six months and providing community groups with sufficient time to explore more options to save a valued local pub if it is for sale; with communities often raising the cash to purchase and re-open the pub themselves.

Speaking on the campaign success, CAMRA Chief Executive Mike Benner said:

"CAMRA launched the ‘List Your Local' campaign just 9 months ago and are pleased to see the number of ACV pubs pass the 300 mark.

"By listing their local, communities are ensuring that if the pub is under threat in the future, there is a much-needed extra layer of protection which ‘stops the clock' should it be put up for sale."

CAMRA's next target is to secure 400 pubs on the ACV register. 

What's next for the campaign?

There is still more that needs to be done to protect pubs from conversion to other uses, including closing planning loopholes which allow a pub to be converted to a supermarket without planning permission.

New research shows two pubs a week were converted to supermarkets over the last two years.

We now need to ensure local Councils back the closure of these national planning loopholes by putting forward proposals to Government for reform of the planning system under the Sustainable Communities Act.

You can learn more about this campaign and how to lobby your local Council here