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Action not words...the mission to reach 100,000.

The half way mark is approaching in our bid to gain 100,000 signatures on the e-petition.

But we're not having a celebratory tipple just yet as we've still got a hell of a way to go until our end goal and, if anything, it feels like the hard work is only just beginning.

If you are a CAMRA member and don't know what e-petition I'm talking about then, seriously, where have you been? Please go to our dedicated microsite, get the info and sign the e-petition.

There has been a lot of debate recently around the nation's love of pasties compared to beer and wondering where our other 91,854 members have gone in regards to e-petition signatories.

No doubt these helpful comments will endure throughout the campaign but our focus is on action not words and we are working hard to put fresh ideas into practice to get as many supporters on board as possible to raise those signatures.

And we are not the only ones, I want to mention and thank a few of the standout contributions from those who are backing the campaign and putting the work in to make a difference. This can be found from within the industry and of course, our membership who are doing a fantastic job in spreading the word around our pubs and getting signatures.

We've shifted 4000 pub packs of campaigning material, that's 400,000 QR codes floating around the UK – no excuse not to sign. A special mention goes out to Warrington Branch who shifted a hefty 25,000 beer mats in one order, and I have no doubt there isn't a pub in Yorkshire that doesn't mention the campaign with over 400 packs having been distributed in that area.

Special shout out also to Everards Brewery who are sending out material to all their outlets and promoting the campaign in newsletters and on their website. Thanks as well to Salamander Brewery for shifting 100 of our packs out with their deliveries. George Osborne's face should also be staring at you from the walls and tables of all Wetherspoon branches who have been fantastic in helping the campaign.

All this support is very much appreciated but we need more. We need more of the industry to take the initiative or get in touch to see how they can actively help to win a campaign which is for them. We need more of you to take ownership of the campaign with action by getting out there and getting signatures. And most of all we need the Government to sit up and listen to the groundswell of public opinion around this issue.

We cannot waste this opportunity. Our immediate goal is 55,000 signatures by the end of May. Please help us get there.