London Councillors launch campaign to protect pubs

Last week Waltham Forest Councillors joined forces with CAMRA to launch a campaign to protect the Borough's most loved pubs by nominating them as Assets of Community Value (ACV).

Listing pubs as ACVs give councillors greater powers over issues that matter to communities and provide a valuable opportunity to start and maintain conversations with constituents.

With 29 pubs closing every week across the country CAMRA wants to work with Councillors to protect our most loved pubs. Without ACV status developers are free to demolish or convert your local into a variety of other uses without planning permission – denying local people a say over the future of their own communities.

Councillor Clare Coghill (Lead Council member for Economic Growth and High Streets) encouraged Councillors to nominate pubs as ACVs. She said: "This is a gift of a campaign and nominating pubs as Assets of Community Value in your Ward allows you to forge relationships with CAMRA members and the local community to protect valued community assets such as pubs".

The Council are also looking at launching a Borough wide campaign to protect other valued assets such as live Music Venues.

CAMRA added: "CAMRA is grateful to the trailblazing councils like Waltham Forest who are leading the way in pub protection. It's clear that communities care greatly about the loss of valued community pubs and we want to work with Council officers and Councillors across the country to ensure pubs are at the forefront of the local political agenda to give powers back to local communities".

Are you a Councillor looking to start a campaign in your Ward to nominate pubs as ACVs? Here are some ideas for getting started:

  1.  Conduct a survey amongst local constituents about assets they care about

  2. Gather together 21 local people in your Ward to support an ACV application

  3. Download an application form from the Council website

  4. Suggest a meeting point for local people to come together to nominate pubs in your Ward

  5. Run a workshop in connection with your CAMRA Branch to encourage people to submit ACV applications

Want to learn more? Visit or email CAMRA's Campaigns Officer Faye Grima on