Branch Cider Campaigning Award

The Branch Cider Campaigning Award is presented at the Members' Weekend and AGM to a branch (or branches) that is doing something outstanding to promote real cider and perry.  With the increased interest in real cider and perry throughout the campaign we would like to show our appreciation to branches for their work.

Any branch or group of branches will be eligible, and all forms of cider and perry campaigning activity will be considered, indeed the activity need NOT be exclusively cider and perry based.

Nominations can be from any CAMRA member, Branch or Region.  Self nominations are encouraged and Regional Cider Co-ordinators, RDs and NE members are also encouraged to nominate branches in their own regions.


Individuals will not be eligible for this Award, as Campaigner of the Year is more appropriate and non-CAMRA members, groups, or organisations are also not eligible as the Pomona Award is more appropriate - this is solely an internal award for a branch or group of branches.

This award will not be automatically awarded annually as it may be decided, after considered discussion that no presentation will be made.

The recipient will be announced at the Members' Weekend and AGM 2016.

See Current & Previous Recipients of the Branch Cider Campaigning Award for more details.

For full details of how CAMRA's Branch Cider Campaigning Award is organised and the procedures that are used, please see the Branch Cider Campaigning Award Procedure document.