Additional Resources

CAMRA Resources

1. Current list of ACVs
Breakdown of pubs listed as ACVs in England. If you have any corrections to this list please email

2. CAMRA Guide to Nominating pubs as ACVs
Hard-copy guide on nominating your local as an ACV. You can also order these by emailing

3. Step by Step Guide for Branches on ACVs
Breakdown for branches on how to nominate your pub as an ACV

4. What to include in ACV nominations
This document provides examples of what you could consider including in an ACV nomination

5. Dealing with difficult local councils
If you are experiencing problems nominating with your local Council then this document provides a breakdown of steps you can take.

6. CAMRA Template Nomination Form
If your Council does not have an individual nomination form on their website then you can use CAMRA's template nomination form.

7. 21 Signatures form for unincorporated groups
If you are nominating your pub as a group of 21 local people then please use this form to collect 21 signatures to support the application.

8. FAQs
Frequently asked questions on ACVs 

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